Lemon Pie The Dog Is Able To Run & Jump On Prosthetic Paws After Mexican Drug Dealers Mutilated Him (VIDEO, PICTURES)

A dog which was mutilated and left to die by Mexican drug dealers is now walking, running and jumping on his new prosthetic paws.

Lemon Pie (or Pay de Limon) was found dying in a dustbin in Mexico City, having had his front paws cut off by drug traffickers, the Associated Press reported.

Last year he was fitted with prosthetic legs and now, thanks to love and support at a dog sanctuary run by Patricia Ruiz, the Belgian shepherd mix is now trotting around like normal.

Almost good as new: Lemon Pie bounds through Mexico's Milagros Caninos sanctuary

According to Ruiz, Mexican drug dealers often "practice" torture techniques planned for human victims on stray animals.

She told Reuters: "Pay de Limon had the misfortune of running into an organised crime group and they used him to practice cutting off each one of his paws, like they do when they cut fingers off human beings that have been kidnapped"

Lemon Pie's new paws cost a hefty $8,000, the BBC reports. But it looks like money well spent to watch the happy hound bounding among his friends at the Milagros Caninos sanctuary.

Lemon Pie and sanctuary owner Patricia Ruiz