Magician Produces Kitten Out Of Thin Air (VIDEO)

WATCH: Magician Conjures Up Kitten

Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, there's only one thing we love more than kittens - and that's magic tricks. So imagine our squeals of delight at the appearance of this video above.

For it shows Taiwanese magician 大支 曾 producing a kitten... OUT OF THIN AIR. OH YES. Eat your heart out, David Blaine! (No, really: do. It would be an amazing trick.)

We have no idea how 大支 曾 does it - not being members of the Tawianese Magic Circle - but we assume that no kittens were hurt during the making of the video, because our magician friend here clearly cares about animals. And how do we know that? The message at the end of his video asks people to adopt, rather than buy, them. And that - as someone once said - is magic!


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