Missing Boy Abducted As A Five-Year-Old Is Found Alive And Well 19 Years Later

An incredible tale is unfolding in America.

A boy who went missing aged five has been discovered safe and well 19 years after his abduction.

Richard Wayne Landers Jr disappeared with his grandparents when he was just five years old. It is reported the pair were unhappy with custody arrangements after Richard's parents split up, so took the boy and lived under new identities.

Richard, now 24, was found in Long Prairie, Minnesota, in the US. He is married and expecting his first baby, and his grandparents were found living in a nearby town.

Lisa Harter, Richard's mum, 'jumped up and down' when she heard her son had been found, comparing it to winning the Lottery.

Investigations following Richard's abduction are ongoing, but a reunion between mother and son is expected very soon.