Rory McIlroy And Tiger Woods In New Nike Advert (VIDEO)

Rory McIlroy is now officially a paid-up client of Nike golf, and the two-time major winner has joined up with Tiger Woods to make his debut for the American sportswear giant.

Woods, who has been sponsored by Nike since before his 1997 breakthrough at the US Masters, has a competition with new kid on the block McIlroy as they tee off into wedding glasses, bowls of soup and through glass windows.

WARNING: Banter ensues, such as the following exchange...

Woods: "Someone wants to play."

McIlroy: "Just keeping up with the old guy, you know?"

Woods: "Dude is that your real hair?"

McIlroy is a positive step forward by Nike, who are in need of a clean-cut ambassador after standing behind cycling cheat Lance Armstrong for over a decade.

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