New Mum Lily Allen In Twitter Moan At No-Show Midwives

Lily Allen took to Twitter last night to moan about her local midwifery services.

The new mum, who gave birth to her second daughter, Marnie Rose last Tuesday, went online to vent her frustration that no midwives had visited her at home to check on the baby.

'After speaking to the Brent midwifery team at 7 this morning, I was told to stay in all day and someone would be over to weigh my baby and do a jaundice assessment, she wrote, adding that she then 'waited all day, and nothing, not even a phone call'.

Lily also revealed that baby Marnie had not even had her heel prick test, which is usually carried out at home when the baby is around five days old.

'I know it's not the midwives' fault but surely we can do better than this,' Lily tweeted.

It's not the first time Lily has used Twitter to have a moan about the care she is receiving - last Saturday she posted a message complaining that she had not even been told which midwifery teams were supposed to be looking after her.

'It may be worth mentioning that when I was discharged from hospital with my last baby,14 months ago the midwives were there 3 hours later,' Lily concluded. Underlining that she was concerned the NHS was overstretched, she used the hashtags #waytogocoalition, #nhscuts and #CUTS.

The singer had her first child, Ethel, with husband Sam Cooper in 2011, and the couple made their surprise second baby announcement in July last year.

Have you had similar experiences to Lily once you were discharged from hospital, especially with your second baby?