Happy Birthday Zooey Deschanel! 'New Girl' Star Turns 33

Zooey Deschanel turns 33 today and to help celebrate one of entertainment's kookiest and cutest stars (Emma Stone also lives in this category) here are five reasons the 'New Girl' actress is great. Along with plenty of pics for you to get your Deschanel fix...

1. She sounds like an American version of the Caramel bunny

She's the ultimate arty chick that no man can get, as '500 Days Of Summer' proved. And part of that persona is built up by her warm, soothing and slightly husky voice. Kinda like an American version of this sultry bunny...

2. Instagram

With her wide blue eyes, and flirty, flouncy style Deschanel is the camera's best friend, and she knows it. Unlike some stars who use the photo-sharing app to post pictures of themselves in bikinis (*cough* Kim Kardashian), Deschanel shares things such as her wildly creative nail art, from tuxedos to typography to television sets. She's also regularly snaps her food and cute animals, which makes her seem just like the rest of us.

3. Her fringe

Is there anyone on the planet with a better fringe than Deschanel? It's shiny, swooshy and eye skimming and gives her that perfect dorky look that her fans have fallen in love with. Mention her name and 'fringe' comes to mind. Her hair is reportedly one of the most requested celebrity styles in America.

4. Elf

Although her luscious brown locks were swapped for a blonde bob in 'Elf', her role in one of the best Christmas films ever was captivating. Here's a clip of her singing in the shower, which leads us to reason of adoration number five...

5. She can sing

Not only is she a Golden Globe and Emmy Awards nominated actress, she's also got her own band.

As part of indie duo She & Him, Deschanel plays keyboards, percussion, banjo and ukulele. She met her singing partner M. Ward on the set of the film 'The Go-Getter' and they've now got two albums under their belt.