Experts Report 90% Rise In Relationship Problems Due To Pornography

Experts Believe Pornography Causing Relationship Breakdowns

A survey of leading sex and relationship experts has revealed that pornography could be damaging our love lives.

Therapists questioned by a leading women's magazine overwhelming reported (86%) they believed porn had a negative effect on modern relationships, with 90% revealing they had seen an increase in relationship problems due to porn in recent years.

Glossy magazine Cosmopolitan was also told that ‘vanilla’ sex is becoming less desirable, while porn addiction is on the increase.

In addition, almost all of the 68 therapists surveyed (94%) have seen an increase in incidents of porn addiction and 63% believe porn increases men’s expectations of sex with their partner.

“Porn can affect men’s ability to form relationships with real women, rather than those on their laptop,” said psychosexual therapist Carol Featherstone.

Psychosexual therapist Karen Lobb-Rossini adds: “More and more young people (girls as well as boys) are learning about sex through porn, and it’s having a devastating effect on their perception of themselves and their bodies.”

“While some experts have claimed porn can help some relationships, many experts now believe it can have a devastating effect by skewing what is expected in the bedroom,” said Louise Court, editor of Cosmopolitan.

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