Michelle Collins: Coronation Street Star's Tube Thug Abuse Hell

Michelle Collins' Tube Thug Hell

Coronation Street star Michelle Collins was left terrified during a recent ride on the London Underground after a gang of drunk teens started hurling vile abuse at her.

The actress was travelling from Highgate to the West End to attend her co-star Charlie Condou's birthday last Friday when a gang of rowdy yobs boarded the tube - and immediately picked out Michelle's famous face.

After the star asked the teens to leave her alone, they lashed out, branding her a string of disgusting names.

She tells The Sun: "They were like a pack of wolves. I felt so scared and vulnerable.

"Some of them looked as young as 15 but they were screaming abuse at me, calling me a f**king w**re, a s**g and a b**ch.

“There was one ringleader, a girl, who was leading the pack while the others just watched laughing.

"They were off their heads — I could smell the booze coming off them.

"My heart was pounding. I just kept thinking, ‘This is turning really nasty.’ They could have had knives — and they were hammered.

"I got off the train as soon as I could but they followed me until I lost them in the crowd.”


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