Sir Paul McCartney Reworks 'Heart Of The Country' For Linda McCartney TV Ad (VIDEO)

Sir Paul McCartney has paid tribute to his late wife Linda by re-recording his 1971 song 'Heart Of The Country' for a new animated promo on YouTube.com.

The cartoon video features Linda McCartney, who lost her battle with cancer in 1998, alongside a host of animals.

The former Beatles star says, "I did a new mega simple version of Heart Of The Country for the Linda animation on YouTube... Great to see Linda animation up on YouTube - looks great - love it."

Sir Paul McCartney with his late wife Linda in 1991

In the animated 40-second clip, Linda takes photographs, serves up food for children and animals and plays music in a forested setting.

The animal lover was one of the world's top photographers and a dedicated vegetarian.

The promo, featuring Paul's reworked song and a voiceover by Elvis Costello, will be used to promote Linda's line of meat-free meals.