Strictly Come Dancing Couple Ola Jordan and James Jordan On 'Frosty Terms'

Strictly Come Dancing couple Ola Jordan and James Jordan are said to be on frosty terms during the show's tour.

The dancing stars, who have been married for 10 years, are sparking some concerns among their fellow dancers as they are apparently spending a lot of time apart.

The People reports that although Ola and her partner Louis Smith managed to pip James to the top stop on the first night of the tour, she seemed downcast and quiet throughout the evening's celebrations.

The couple have not been wearing their wedding bands

Rather than partying and having fun with the rest of the performers, the newspaper reported she was sat on her own at the hotel bar.

Meanwhile, James was seen down the opposite end of the room having fun with his fellow contestants and dance partner Denise van Outen.

A guest at the hotel said: "James was the life and soul of the party, while Ola just sat alone. It was strange to say the least."

The following day James was seen having lunch with Denise, the show's producers and fellow performer Artem Chigvintsev, but Ola was nowhere to be seen. The couple were also not seen to be wearing their wedding rings for the whole day after Ola's win.

However, a spokeswoman for the couple insisted that there was nothing unusual about this, explaining: "They haven't worn their wedding rings for years. They don't wear them while they perform."