Cat Experiences Snow For First Time (VIDEO)

"Over the weekend," writes Viral Viral Videos, "England was hit with some snow. Nothing serious, but the Brits freaked out".

Well, Wales and Scotland were hit too, of course - but VVV are at least right when they say that we freaked out. It's the British way, after all.

"And many people, like Jef Charles," continues VVV, "were sent home from work early."

As indeed they were. And Jef decided to make the most of this by doing what all good Redditors would do: namely, letting his cat Fletcher out in all this snow - and filming the results for the internet's pleasure.

"He wasn't forced to come out and was free to go in at any time," Jef has since written on the clip's YouTube description - also adding: "Sorry for leaving the door open, won't happen again, promise."

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