Helen Flanagan Rubbishes Scott Sinclair Split Rumours As She Insists: 'I'm Not A Brainless Airhead With Big Boobs'

Helen's Romance On The Rocks?

Helen Flanagan has hit out at reports her romance with Scott Sinclair is on the rocks.

A story published in the Sunday Mirror, claimed the couple - who have been together for three years - were at breaking point after the Manchester City footballer had become sick of her 'clingy' behaviour.

"They were happy in Swansea, but after the move, whenever Scott went out, Helen would demand to know where he was at all times. That got on his nerves. Then she went on 'I’m A Celebrity', even though he didn’t think it was a great idea, and came across pretty badly.

"Scott got a load of stick in the changing room," they added.

However, Helen has since taken to Twitter to laugh off the rumours after reporters turned up at her home.

She tweeted: "Opening the door blind as a bat with tinker bell pjs on half a sleep to hear hi Helen its a reporter from the sun something something you and Scott daily mirror.... I politely said we're actually fine thankyou.... Lol.... Need to close the gates before bed. X (sic)."

She added: "HILAR. Clingy is being kind I would say maul. @Scotty_Sinclair come up stairs loooool (sic)."

Meanwhile, in a new interview, Helen has hit out at those who believe she is 'brianless', insisting she is misunderstood.

Following the controversy where she posted a picture of a gun to her head just days after the Snady Hook shootings, she told the Daily Mail: "People want to make me out as this brainless airhead with big boobs. It really grates and hurts so much. I absolutely hate it.

"I can be a bit ditzy and dizzy, but I feel very misunderstood. How dare people say I’m stupid?"

She went on: "I know I should be more careful and I bring it onto myself without meaning to, but this perception that I’m some kind of blonde bimbo really annoys me.

"The thing is, when I do something silly, I try to make a joke of myself. Then it’s like 'oh she’s not the brightest girl' and it really upsets me," she said.

Helen Flanagan

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