Houdini Horse Stages Daring Escape From Stable (VIDEO)

One cursory glance at the internet might lead you to think that cats are the world's sneakiest - or at least meanest - animals.

But just take a look at Mariska the horse, above.

"Our Friesian mare Mariska is very good at opening her stall doors, and anything else that might have food in it," writes her owners at Misty Meadows Farm. And they're not wrong - as well as opening stable doors, Mariska can turn her hand (hoof?) to freezers.

They're amazing feats - made all the more remarkable by the fact that Mariska has a very long forelock and thus might be slightly visually impaired, to boot - but that said, much as we admire her mad escaping skillz, we feel she has a way to go before matching up to this little Chihuahua: