Irish Anti-Gay Marriage Video Gets Spoofed, Hilariously (VIDEO)

Ladies and gentlemen of countries other than Ireland: allow us to introduce you to the Iona Insitute.

The Iona Institute was set up by a former editor of 'The Irish Catholic', David Quinn, and in its own words, it "promotes the place of marriage and religion in society".

Or to put it another way: it does its very best to lobby against same-sex marriage.

To promote this point of view, the institute recently released the not-at-all-patronising-or-offensive video below - 'The Case For Man/Woman Marriage':

The video has been pulled from YouTube - we can't think why - but not before it got spoofed wonderfully by Irish actress and comedian Tara Flynn.

Click play on the video at the top to enjoy Flynn's parody. (And then go and bake a cake, ladies!)

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