Neil Lennon, Celtic Manager, Answers Journalist's Phone (VIDEO)

WATCH: Lennon Answers Speaks To Journalist's Wife At Press Conference

Neil Lennon has displayed the pugnacity he oozed as a player in his role as Celtic manager, but the Ulsterman showcased his lighter side at a press conference when he answered a journalist's phone and spoke to his wife.

Frustrated by the phone ringing, Lennon took the call to much hysteria from the press pack.

After a "Hello?" and an affirmative he could hear the poor dear, she decided to hang up the phone, unaccustomed to Lennon's Irish whisper.

It was only then that the guilty journalist owned up and confessed it would have been his wife on the line, to which Lennon replied: "Are you in trouble again?"

The phone however rang again, and the journalist revealed his wife's name was Sharon, which Lennon took as permission to capitalise on.

"Sharon, are you going to stop interrupting my press conference please? This is Neil Lennon here, okay?"

Judging by his reaction, Sharon uttered some profanities.


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