Woman Sets New Record For World's Largest Hips (VIDEO, PICTURES)

LOOK: Woman Has World's Largest Hips

Like Shakira, 39 year-old Mikel Ruffinelli's hips don't lie. And nor does a Guinness World Records tape measure.

Yes, 30-stone Ruffinelli has hips that are over eight feet wide - a fact that's just seen her set a new world record.

Ruffinelli, who comes from Los Angeles, is no giant, however - she's just 5ft 4in tall and is completely content with her shape. "I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes," she says, refreshingly. "I love being unique."

Ruffinelli says that her figure is down to genetics, rather than diet. It's also down to having four kids. "With every child, came more hips," she explains. "I've got a little wider with each child."

Showering and going through doorways are, unsurprisingly, a bit of a challenge for her. But Ruffinelli's husband of 10 years has no problem with his wife's unusual figure, saying it was "love at first sight".

"She had a sweet disposition about her that really attracted me to her," Brooks told Barcroft TV. "I like to tell people all the time, 'I have a license to work with heavy equipment'... you know what I'm saying?".

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