24/01/2013 17:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Monster Nanny' Secretly Filmed Abusing Two-Year-Old

Horrified parents secretly filmed 'monster nanny' abusing their two-year-old daughter YouTube

A toddler's parents suspected a childminder was abusing their daughter so set up a secret camera – and caught the woman slapping their girl.

The couple watched in horror as the 'monster nanny' slapped little Sasha and threatened to push her face into a bowl of soup as she was being fed.

In a video that will send a chill through the hearts of any parents whose children are looked after by carers, the little girl is seen being rough-handled by the aggressive childminder outside Moscow.

The horror was uncovered after the couple had become concerned about their child's aggressive behaviour, prompting them to set up the surveillance in their home.

The couple became suspicious when Sasha began to talk, saying they were surprised by her aggression towards toys. When the couple set up the video camera they were 'horrified' to find the nanny on the sofa watching TV all day, while their child was locked in the kitchen.

In one clip, the nanny scolds Sasha: "Why do you stare into that bowl? What did you see there? Haven't seen food before? I told you not to lean over the bowl."

She told the child: "If you'll keep leaning to the bowl I'll put your face in that bowl."

The Russian parents - who are not named - released an edited version of the footage as a warning to other parents. They claimed video clips allegedly showing even worse abuse are in the hands of police.

"We have posted just one small clip, the worst is with the police and cannot be disclosed because of the investigation," the couple wrote.

The nanny responded by denying she routinely abused Sasha or other children in her care.

"That day I was simply in a foul mood,' claimed the 42-year-old. "I had problems in my family, and I was in a really bad mood. But actually children adore me more than their own parents."

She said that Sasha's father told her they had secretly filmed her before terminating her employment.

"I asked to see the video but I was told that they no longer want to see me and that I will have to communicate with the investigators,'" she added.

The footage that was recorded is below, but some readers may find it distressing.