Cheryl Cole Wedding To Tre Holloway Rumours Quashed By His Mum

After rumours last week that Cheryl Cole could be heading down the aisle again soon, Tre Holloway's mum has stepped in to dismiss the claims.

Shirley Holloway has spoken out about the claims that her son is planning to wed the Geordie singer, and says that while Cheryl would make a wonderful addition to their family one day, it won't be any time soon.

There had been reports that Tre had been in contact with Cheryl's dad to ask for permission to marry his daughter, and that he had been planning the design for her engagement ring to include her pearl birthstone.

Cole performs with Tre, right

Cheryl herself said she had no plans to marry and called the reports "pretty pathetic" - and now it seems like Tre's mum has had the final say on the stories.

Shirley told The Sun: "Everyone may be desperate for them to get married but as soon as he's even thinking about it, I will know - and I know he isn't. Tre loves her but he isn't about to rush things and propose. There is not marriage coming. Tre hasn't called her dad and asked permission to propose. They are happy how they are."

But should things change in the future, she will be more than happy to have Cheryl as a daughter-in-law. Shirley added: "I've met Cheryl and liked her. She's been through a lot but she is a really lovely person. Cheryl would make a great daughter-in-law, but it's not happening any time soon."