Dramatic Footage Of Distraught Toddler Rescued By Helicopter From Australian Floods

Incredible footage of a terrified toddler being rescued by helicopter from a submerged truck has emerged from the severe flooding in eastern Australia.

The youngster and two women were winched to safety after their truck was stuck in quickly rising flood waters in the east Australian town of Biloela, Queensland, which has been devastated by torrential rain from Cyclone Oswald.

In the amazing film – posted on YouTube - two women, one holding a small child, are seen stranded in their flooded truck, waiting for help. As the helicopter rescuer is winched down, one woman reaches out to steady him, while the other protects the child from the down draft.

Clearly distressed, they put the crying infant in a waterproof bag which was then lifted up to the safety of the helicopter.

Reassuring the two women, the rescuer repeatedly tells them he will come back for them both. Then once inside the helicopter, the bag is unzipped and the crying child emerges, distraught but safe.

One man has died and two others are reported missing after heavy rain and tornado winds swept across the region, bringing an abrupt end to the heat wave and causing severe disruptions to millions of people celebrating a long bank holiday weekend in celebration of Australia Day.

Authorities say around 58,000 houses were without electricity, hundreds of homes were under water and several towns were completely isolated by the flood water.

The army has been called in to rescue terrified families trapped on their roofs by flood waters after rivers burst their banks, but further danger has come from coastal areas where wild seas have pounded houses and flooded parks.

Forecasters warn the bad weather is due to hit New South Wales' capital Sydney today.