Egypt Protests: Demonstrators' Headwear Changes As Arab Spring Turns Into Disenchantment (PICTURES)

Two years ago, millions of protesters took to Egypt's Tahrir Square demanding and achieving the removal of dictatorial president, Hosni Mubarak.

On the second anniversary of Egypt's Arab Spring the disenchanted crowds are back, angry at the slow pace of change in the country and continuing hardships.

Thirty-eight people were killed in clashes over the weekend and a state of emergency has been declared in the wake of the 21 death sentences handed down to people who took part in a football game riot last year.

Kitchen utensils became helmets in 2011

This is a long way off the 846 deaths in 2011, however, the mood is noticeably different, more menacing and without the hope associate with the revolution.

This has been reflected, rather unexpectedly, in the choice of protester's headwear.

Two years ago a number of articles pointed out the ludicrously imaginative methods employed to protect heads from rocks, tear gas and bullets.

An anti-government protester in 2011

Bread, buckets and basins were all employed.

Recent clashes, however, have seen such methods discarded in favour of surgical masks and scarves.


Egyptian Protester's Cover Up

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