6 Ways To Get A Promotion At Work (PICTURES)

Are These The Reasons You Haven’t Got A Promotion?

The economic climate has a habit of serving as the one-size-fits-all reason behind everyone's work problems. If you’ve been told by your boss that the promotion you're holding out for is not going happen this year, you might shrug and blame the economy...

“The figures for the year ahead paint a mixed picture. As the UK economy remains flat and growth stalls, companies are becoming increasingly unsure if they will have to let staff go,” says Mark Hodgson, practice leader of Talent Management in Right Management. “In recent weeks, media headlines have confirmed a number of companies and household brands that have disappeared from our high streets. It would appear that businesses are losing confidence."

But all is not lost. The truth is that there are plenty of other reasons that could explain why you've been passed up. The good news? These are problems that you can solve yourself. "If you feel you deserve a pay rise and the time's come to do something about it, make sure you approach the matter in the right way, and in a way that will leave everyone positive about the outcome", advises Reed recruitment specialist Tom Bunkham.

If you’ve been in your organisation for a few years and your salary and responsibilities have moved at a glacial pace while others have blossomed and grown, there’s a good chance that your behaviour is holding you back. Failure to clamber up the corporate structure isn't about workload or where you got your degree or even down to George Osborne. Competition is fierce, which means there are lots of reasons why you haven’t get that promotion... yet.

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