Valentine's Day Tips And Ideas For Her, 2013 (PHOTOS)

The pressure ladled onto February 14 cannot be underestimated. Flick through any women's glossy, and it's easy to convince yourself that the strength of your relationship, your future and the existence of humanity rests entirely, absolutely and totally on what you do as a couple on Valentine's Day.

Sure, she might play it down in the day and weeks preceding February 14, she might say it's just another day and that Valentine's Day lost its true meaning thanks to all the commercial hype. She probably means it when she says it. But come February 14, when colleagues and friends are bragging about their evening plans, jetting off to Paris, and the mammoth bunch of roses that has just landed on their desk, doing nothing just isn't an option.

As a couple you both might acknowledge that Valentine's Day is completely pointless, but with all the expectation and manufactured romance, it's hard not to get sucked in just a little. Here are our top tips for making it a day to remember — for all the right reasons.