Zayn Malik Cheats On Perrie Edwards? Here's 13 Other Celeb Love Rats

We were shocked (and a little miffed) when we heard that Zayn Malik had allegedly cheated on his girlfriend, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards.

But while we'd always hoped One Direction were just as clean cut as they are made out to be, we should have remembered that cheating is a common occurrence amongst the male of the celeb species.

From MC Harvey to Hugh Grant, over the years there have been loads of love rats who have enraged us and disappointed us in equal measure with their inability to keep it in their trousers.

So while Zayn and Perrie try to save their relationship (which according to the Sun, they are attempting to do after he jetted into the UK for crisis talks), take a look at celebville's most notorious lotharios...

Ashley Cole

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