'Dancing On Ice Saved My Marriage' Says Anthea Turner

She may be the latest star to be booted off Dancing On Ice, but Anthea Turner has credited the skating show with saving her marriage.

The former darling of morning TV joined the figure-skating contest to take her mind off her split from husband Grant Bovey, who she dumped last July amid rumours of his infidelity.

Anthea Turner's marriage to Grant Bovey was on the rocks

But Turner never expected the series to mend their relationship.

She told The Mirror: "We lost each other for a while. Dancing on Ice came along at the right time in my life.

"If you've got too much time on your hands you spend too much time thinking and reconstructing things. So the skating was fabulous as we all had to concentrate."

The 52 year old insists her relationship with Bovey is now back on track, adding: "Our field was given a re-turf. Relationships go through difficult times. I don't know anybody who has a clean run. You can't be narrow-minded, you need to sit down and talk. It's about communication, and not knee-jerk reaction.

"On Sunday Grant said, 'I'm sorry you're out, but I'm glad I've got my wife back.'"

Anthea Turner on Dancing On Ice

Turner became the fourth contestant to leave Dancing on Ice after she failed to impress with her school disco routine, and joked that not even having a boob job could put her in competition with Pamela Anderson.

She laughed: "I had mine done years ago, they were saggy!"

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