Car Emerges From Sea Foam On Queensland Coast, Nearly Hits Police (VIDEO)

WATCH: Car Emerges From Sea Foam

If you like foam parties, then we suggest you head to Australia's Sunshine Coast right now. Because they're swamped in the stuff.

And as this video shows, it's proving to be slightly hazardous.

The foam - or 'coastal froth' as it's also, more amusingly, known - was caused by a cyclone that hit the north east of the country. As Discovery says: "Foam forms when water full of organic matter, either from runoff or algal blooms, is churned and highly agitated. The proteins and fatty lipids act as surfactants, like laundry detergent, creating a thick sudsy residue." Lovely!

Witnesses have described seeing foam as high as nine feet - and as you can see, it's also been covering entire roads. And cars. And people...

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