TV REVIEW: Girls Season 2 Episode 3 'Bad Friend' Means A Fuelled Night Out

'Girls' Episode 3 found Hannah very easily getting some freelance work, writing about whatever she liked, as long as it was about participating in a threesome, or taking cocaine for the first time.

Which led to one of the series' most bizarre encounters yet, between Hannah and 'the creepy guy downstairs', providing her with the tools for a drug-fuelled frenzy of an episode where Hannah and Elijah got to "express" themselves at a disco hosted by DJs Andrew and Andrew, cue one of the great lines of the night:

"It is my biggest dream to have sex with myself, but also my biggest nightmare. "

Girls get set for a big night out

Of course, what could have been a huge advert for recreational drugs had its natural comeuppance with the pair falling out over Elijah's bi-curiosity, a best-friend face-off with Marnie, and an unlikely rescuer in "the creepy guy downstairs".

Away from this madding twosome was a far more refined Marnie, being seduced to within an inch of her hostess shorts by "tiny smudge of a" pseudo-Damien-Hirstesque artiste Booth Jonathan. Her experience within his sensation machine made the exploits of Hannah and Elijah seem positively sedate in comparison, cocaine supplies notwithstanding.

But no Adam this week - unsmiley face.