New Disney Short 'Paperman' Is A Funny, Charming Thing Of Beauty (VIDEO)

WATCH: Disney's Adorable New Animated Short

Need a bit of wonder in your life? Got six minutes to spare? Then just click play on the video above...

This new Disney animated short film 'Paperman' has been nominated for an Oscar, and it's easy to see why. Directed by John Kahrs, it uses a hybrid of traditional animation and computer animation to beautiful effect.

"We brought together as best we could the expressiveness of 2D drawing immersed with the stability and dimensionality of CG," Kahrs told Animation World Network. "There is such a power and expressiveness in the drawn line. It’s such an old method for human beings to create art, to express themselves. I thought, isn’t there a way we can bring that expressive line back into animation again?"

But this being a Disney film, it doesn't just impress with its technique - it also tugs on the heart strings, of course. And is once again a wonderful lesson in how to write a beautiful script without a single line of dialogue.


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