04/02/2013 11:03 GMT | Updated 05/02/2013 04:08 GMT

Carra Sykes' Wonderful Photo Series Sees Mother And Daughter Dress Alike And Pose In The Same Way (PICTURES)

Carra Sykes is a 24 year-old freelance graphic designer/artist living in North Carolina.

She's also a photographer - and she's come to the internet's attention thanks to her wonderful 'Mother + Daughter' photo series, which sees her and her mother Marti dressing in the same outfit and standing (or sitting, or lying) in identical poses...

"I began the Mother + Daughter photo series in November of 2012," Sykes tells Huffington Post UK Comedy. "I had been applying for jobs, but not hearing back. Rather than feeling bummed about not getting the jobs I was applying for, I wanted to put my extra creative energy into a series project - hopefully one that would be positive and uplifting."

"I had been taking self-portraits, but became bored with just me as the subject," she explains. "I asked myself, 'How could I do something that would be fun and explorative with photographs that could also be ongoing?'"

"Because we were spending a lot of time together, I thought a photo project with my mom would be interesting and a new way of bonding," Sykes tells us. "I like things to come together naturally, and this project is definitely one that formed from the everyday.

"My uncle, who is my mom's twin, always jokes about her wearing my clothes, so this gave me the idea to start shooting photos of my mom and me wearing almost the same outfit."

Sykes says her mum is full of "enthusiasm and energy" for the project and "super supportive" of her daughter's creative endeavours.

"When we haven't taken a photo in a while, she sometimes comes to me and asks when we will take our next Mother + Daughter photo," says Sykes. "She has been so wonderful to work with!"

Take a look at more of Sykes' Mother + Daughter photos below - and check out the full series (so far) on her website. "I hope this project encourages people to have fun and creatively express," she tells us. We do too.

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