05/02/2013 01:53 GMT | Updated 06/02/2013 03:29 GMT

2013 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist: 'Highest Ever' Number Of Entries Includes British Talent


The World Photography Organisation revealed on Tuesday the shortlists for the Professional, Open and Youth categories of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards.

In a year that saw over 122,000 entries from 170 countries – the highest number of submissions to date - British talent was well represented with 14 photographers shortlisted across 15 categories.

Adam Dean’s images of “Kachin – Bruma’s Forgetten War” was shortlisted for the Professional Contemporary Issues category and Spencer Murphy, who was recognised at both the 2010 and 2011 Sony World Photography Awards, is a finalist in the Professional Campaign category for “Surfers against sewage”.

“The Urban Gypsies” by Paul Wenham-Clark is shortlisted for People and follows a group of Irish Gypsies living under The Westway in London while Rory Carneigie’s shots of models as mannequins were inspired by science fiction author Philip K Dick.

Six amateur photographers are shortlisted in the Open categories and a further three photographers under the age of 20 are shortlisted for the Youth competition.

Astrid Merget, Creative Director of the World Photography Organisation, said: “The shortlist is a clear indication of the exciting photography which is out there and, as we do every year, we are looking forward to presenting this collection of photographers to a global audience.”

The work of all the shortlisted photographers will be exhibited at Somerset House, London, from 26 April – 12 May as part of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, with the Open and Youth category winners announced on 19 March.

Take a look below at the shortlisted images by British photographers:

Sony World Photography Awards - Professional Shortlist

Category: Contemporary Issues

Adam Dean, UK

adam dean 2013 sony world photography awards

"Image Description: Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and civilian militia trainees wearing camouflage and carrying wooden guns stand to attention during a three month basic military training course on a base near Laiza in KIA controlled territory of Kachin State, Myanmar on Jan. 4, 2012." - Adam Dean

Category: Campaign

Spencer Murphy, UK (finalist)

spencer murphy 2013 sony world photography awards

A series of images raising the question 'What If The Next Wave Never Comes' For me this brief was really exciting. It allowed me to really capture the essence of a great cause with my imagery. The idea that sewage and offshore developments are threatening to kill our waves is really scary. I wanted to create something, which really resonated, capturing a beauty and aesthetic, which is somehow marred by a more melancholy and thought provoking undertone. - Spencer Murphy

Category: Fashion & Beauty

Rory Carnegie, UK

rory carneige 2013 sony world photography awards

"A model as mannequin." - Rory Carneige

Category: People

Adam Dean, UK

adam dean 2013 sony world photography awards

"NLD Leader Aung San Suu Kyi prays at a monastery during her campaign ahead of upcoming by-elections in Mandalay, Myanmar on Mar. 4, 2012." - Adam Dean

Paul Wenham-Clarke, UK

paul wenham clarke 2013 sony world photography

"At her home on the Westway Travellers Site the bride prepares to leave her home for the church." - Paul Wenham-Clarke

Flick through a wider selection of shortlisted Professional images from international entrants:

Photo gallery2013 Sony World Photography Awards - Professional - Shortlist See Gallery

Sony World Photography Awards - Open Shortlist

Category: Low Light

Manish Patel, UK

manish patel 2013 sony world photography awards

"Kaleidoscopes fireworks from 5 x 4 film." - Manish Patel

Tino Solomon, UK

tino solomon 2013 sony world photography awards

"The Milky Way galaxy rises over Everest north base camp in Tibet. Powerful gusts of wind descending down the glacier blow Buddhist prayer flags over the camp, in contrast with the calmness of the skies. Basic Image Adjustments made to Tone Curve and Levels. Noise reduction and sharpening applied." - Tino Solomon

Category: Panoramic

Fabricio Pretti, UK

fabricio pretti 2013 sony world photography awards

"These images were done in London and its surrounds." - Fabricio Pretti

Category: People

Ahmad Al Rikaby, UK

ahmad al rikaby 2013 sony world photography awards

"Asian Muslim pilgrims in Mena, a short distance from Mecca, shaving off their hair which symbolize their will to get rid of old sins and starting a new life." - Ahmad Al Rikaby

Category: Smile

Eleri Griffiths, UK

eleri griffiths 2013 sony world photography awards

"Calky's fish and chip cafe, Boulders Bay. South Africa. Waitress, Calky's fish and chip cafe." - Eleri Griffiths

Nick Riley, UK

nick riley 2013 sony world photography awards

"During a walk between villages, we stopped overnight at a convent in Tanzania. The beauty of the young nun and the light coming in from a side window made me stop and ask if I could take a photo of her. Shy at first about being photographed, after a few minutes a small smile lit her face." - Nick Riley

Flick through a wider selection of shortlisted Open images from international entrants:

Photo gallery2013 Sony World Photography Awards - Professional - Shortlist See Gallery

Take a look at a selection of other fascinating shortlisted images that have caught our, each with their own story:

2013 sony world photography awards meaghan ogilvie

"Shooting underwater has been one of the best experiences I've had as a photographer. It is full of challenges and surprises. I didn't have scuba gear when shooting, so I was holding my breath along with the model. It definitely made it more challenging, but we made our own rhythm submerging and ascending. I also worked with a stylist, Shayna Lampert, that used recycled and re-used fabrics to create the beautiful layered shapes around the subject." - Meaghan Ogilvie

javier arcenillas 2013 sony world photography awar

"Honduras is considered one of the most violent countries in the world. Every day in the streets of cities like San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa capital murder, robbery and violence are increasingly present. Ineffective internal politics of a country as unstable, where drug trafficking into the USA is uncontrollable and unsafe neighborhoods of Maras is the closest thing to a daily war." - Javier Arcenillas

brooks kraft 2013 sony world photography awards

Photojournalist Brooks Kraft followed Barack Obama during his last campaign producing an intimate look at the President fighting for re-election.

pete muller 2013 sony world photography awards

"A young boy is supported as he fires a fully automatic machine gun. Safety regulations at OFASTS are extremely tight with all shooters carefully monitored by exhibitors." - Pete Muller

lisa wiltse 2013 sony world photography awards

"Mary Brunner, age 8, being crowned as the Ultimate Glitz winner at the Under the Big Top Pageant at the Holiday Inn in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 12, 2012. Mary has been competing in pageants since she was five. This was her 57th crowning." - Lisa Wiltse

paul wenhamclarke 2013 sony world photography

"The Urban Gypsies The girls whoa are aged 10, are holding Terry on his christening day in their home under the Westway A40 London. The home is below an elevated motorway that links to the centre of the city." - Paul Wenham-Clarke

ivan kashinsky 2013 sony world photography awards

"Six-year old twins Gelu and Edi Petrache sit on stairs in a mansion on Easter Sunday in Buzescu, a small town in Romania. Buzescu is known for it's ultra-wealthy Roma and their bizarre mansions that line the main street. The Roma of Buzescu are part of the Kalderash clan and are known for being coppersmiths and dealing with metal scraps. After the fall of the communist regime in the late 80’s, they stripped old factories of their metals and some made a small
fortune re-selling them. They are also known for making cazane, copper stills that produce alcohol such as palinka, a plum brandy." - Ivan Kashinsky