05/02/2013 10:36 GMT

Three-Year-Old Boy From Wales Who Can Recite Thai Alphabet Becomes Internet Hit (VIDEO)

Move over, Sherwyn Sarabi - there's a new three-year-old genius in town.

Yes, say hello to Dylan Hall. In fact: say it to him in English or Thai, because this gorgeous little chap - who lives in Wales with his British father and Thai mother - understands both.

And this video of Dylan reciting a poem that young Thais use to memorise all 44 consonants of the Thai alphabet has made him something of a star.

As both the BBC and Bangkok Post are reporting, the video was uploaded to YouTube on 22 January and at the time of writing has over 2 million hits.

"Thai people have been saying: 'You don't forget where you come from' and 'it's good you're teaching your son Thai even though he doesn't live in Thailand'," Dylan's mother Passamon tells the BBC. "It's quite a difficult language to learn, but it's easier than learning Welsh."