05/02/2013 06:16 GMT | Updated 05/02/2013 06:16 GMT

Change My Mind: Is Gay Marriage A Necessary Move Towards Equality?

The depth of Conservative divisions over gay marriage are to be laid bare on Tuesday when David Cameron faces being deserted by more than half of his MPs ahead of a commons vote on the issue of gay marriage.

Divisions in the party have emerged over whether the Same Sex Marriage Bill, as it stands, is a necessary move towards equality.

It has been argued by MPs - including Conservative David Burrowes - that "redefining marriage" would infringe on the religious public's rights and alter traditional marriage, which Burrowes says is a "vital heterosexual institution".

Other MPs, including another Tory MP, Damian Collins, support the Same Sex Marriage Bill, arguing it is "an attempt to strengthen equality in British society".

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