05/02/2013 13:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

My Other Buggy's A BMW: Check Out The New Beemer Pushchair

My other buggy's a BMW: Check out the new Beemer pushchair

Parentdish's baby gear reporter was up bright and early to be among the first to see the flash new BMW/ Maclaren buggy which launched in the UK this morning. Shown off, perhaps fittingly for this luxury car company collaboration, in the nursery department of Harrods, it combines Maclaren's buggy know-how with Beemer's branding.

But does this mix work well or is it just more flash and more cash?

Previous Maclaren tie-ins have included those with designers such as Juicy Couture, Cath Kidston and Lulu Guinness but this is their first foray into working with a car company.

Unsurprisingly, it's much more masculine in its looks than the other special editions, coming in a choice of not particularly inspiring but smart grey, navy or black.

We're told it's largely based on Maclaren's popular Triumph line - a nimble little buggy for babies over six months that's ideal for the toddler stage when you no longer want a huge newborn pram.

Weighing a shade more than the standard Triumph, the BMW buggy is still extremely light (just 5.7kilos), manoeuvres well and packs down small enough to fit a car boot that's more Vauxhall Corsa than 5 Series estate.

Whilst there are lots of similarities with the Triumph, the differences are added luxury touches (a large hood with viewing panels, comfy shoulder pads on the harness etc) and of course, BMW badging. Frankly we think this looks a bit bling on a buggy but each to their own.

None of this comes cheap either, pushing the price up to £285, compared to a standard Triumph at around £135 (less if you shop around).

Only you can decide if it's worth paying for the premium features and Beemer badging but we have a feeling that for the type of dad who comes over all macho about buggies - kicking tyres and taking them for test drives around the nursery shop aisles - this could well appeal!

The Maclaren BMW buggy will be sold exclusively in Harrods for the next couple of months.