Did Zayn Malik Cheat On Rebecca Ferguson Before Allegedly Cheating On Perrie Edwards?

Did Zayn Cheat On Rebecca?

Long before he was dating Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik was touching tonsils with his fellow 'X Factor' alumni Rebecca Ferguson, and now she has waded into the Zayn/Perrie cheating drama by inferring the One Directioner did the dirty on her when they were together.

In an interview with New! magazine, Rebecca opened up about why her three month romance with Zayn came to an abrupt end.

Rebecca and Zayn dated in 2011

"Zayn knows so far that I've stayed classy and quiet and bitten my lip," she said.

"I won't talk about what went wrong between us, but he knows what happened. And it is what it is. I won't expose what went on there."

But perhaps most revealing was her admission that she was 'yet to find a faithful man'.

She said: "I am a bit done with men. I am yet to find one faithful. I don't know why boys are like that. I think I am too nice with them and let them get away with murder. It is heartbreaking to feel that I have been let down like that."

Zayn was accused of cheating on Perrie with Australian waitress Courtney Webb when she sold her story to The Sun, claiming the singer had bedded her after a party at his home.

Zayn and Perrie pictured last year

However, Perrie and Zayn have put on a united front so far and seem to be working through any problems.

Pictures of the pair's mothers posing together at a Little Mix gig were posted online, with Zayn also seen in attendance at the concert in Liverpool.

Zayn's mum (left) and Perrie's mum pose with the Little Mix singer over the weekend

"The fact that Zayn is talking - and still friendly - with Perrie's family speaks volumes. It's all systems go. It may seem a strange decision to some but who knows what goes on behind closed doors."


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