Beyonce Superbowl: Singer Mocked And Praised For Muscly Picture (PHOTOS)


Not photoshopped. Not airbrushed in any way at all. We can assure you that this picture has had absolutely nothing done to it (as far as we know) on its journey to your eyeballs.

We present the photograph of Beyonce performing at the Superbowl half-time show in New Orleans on Sunday evening that has taken the internet by storm.

Proof indeed that even the biggest celebs are human

The reaction on Twitter has ranged - as you might expect - from open mockery to admiration.

One user said: "Beyonce, Dated, Married, THEN Had A Baby, Young Ladies Take Note!", while another praised her for being "A natural beauty". On the other side of the coin, one Twitter user said the photo "illustrates why professional photographers never send all the shots from a big shoot".

Our favourite, though, is this by @QuinnW_: "I don't know what Beyonce is complaining about, some of her worst pictures are me on my best days."

We'd be the first to admit that she's looked better. But amid that bad hair, the disturbing facial expression, and those muscles sticking out on her arms and legs, it's fabulous to know that she can look as naturally beautiful as the rest of us.

Bad day at the office, or a natural beauty? Tell us in the comments.

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