07/02/2013 03:52 GMT | Updated 07/02/2013 07:08 GMT

Helen Flanagan Poses In Her Underwear With A Teddy Bear For Valentine's Day (PICS)

We haven't seen Helen Flanagan getting her boobs out for at least, ooooh, two days, so we were beginning to think something may be up with her her.

But rest assured dear readers, the former 'Corrie' star is absolutely fine and has been up to her old tricks again.

Helen has been posting pictures of herself on Twitter wearing very little (quelle surprise) as she posed for a Valentine's Day-themed photoshoot.

helen flanagan

"Valentines day bear #pinkyhair," she tweeted along with one snap of her posing with a teddy in her knickers. As you do.

Another pic showed the star in a breast-skimming top, which barely kept the star under wraps.

helen flanagan

The former 'I'm A Celebrity' star was also showing off her new pink hair, which she debuted on the social networking site earlier in the week.

Helen hoped the change in hair colour would mark an end to the 'bimbo' tag associated with her.

"No more "bimbo" calling now its annoying," she tweeted.

In an interview last week, Helen told of how she was desperate to shed her ditzy image.

She told Love It magazine: "Scott gets annoyed when people say I'm stupid because he knows I'm not.

"People think that if you do sexy modelling, you're a bimbo or promiscuous - and I'm neither. I really, really want to finish my studies.I think it's so cool when girls are at school trying to do well and striving for the best job."


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