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Masters Of Re-Invention: Say Hello To Dacia

What makes good design great? It's a tough question, isn't it? As design innovation plays an ever more integral role in our everyday lives - from our smartphone to our vacuum cleaner to our gym kit - sometimes it's hard to stand back and understand what makes the best of design connect with us and our lives.

But maybe that's the point.

While artifice and ornament shout loud to make themselves known, great design is quieter, intuitive and understated. As we make ourselves comfortable in the digital age, the future of design combines elements of ingenuity, utility, and beauty. It manages to solve a problem in a visually arresting and innovative way. The old design adage that form should follow function has never felt so relevant. Which is perhaps why Dacia's launch in the UK feels so timely.

The car maker's approach cuts through the noise that has hampered car design in recent years. Gone is the clutter of marketing spiel and gimmick, and instead, Dacia remains wholly focused on the power of simplicity in design. It's a refreshing approach and one that feels truly innovative at this point in time.

Although Dacia's award-winning designs have only recently become available in the UK, its approach has already breathed new life into the UK auto market. While the technical specs vary according to the model, what comes as standard is plenty of space, clean-cut design and obscenely reasonable price points (the range starts at £5,995). What impressed us is that Dacia's approach speaks directly to today's ultra-savvy consumer, who has become jaded by small-print and hidden costs. There is undeniable value knowing that when you order a Dacia, unwanted extras are not built into the cost so that you’re able to choose the car that works for your needs.

The emphasis is on the beauty of function, not frivolity - and even the pricing structures are clear and straightforward. While companies in all sectors are increasingly under pressure to be accountable, honest and open, some argue that car manufacturers have largely bypassed this approach. But Dacia is changing this - and about time too.