Rowan Atkinson's Supercar Smash Cost £910,000

Rowan Atkinson's Supercar Smash Cost £910,000

Rowan Atkinson's infamous 2011 supercar smash proved expensive - it cost him a whopping £910,000 to have his luxury motor fixed.

The Mr. Bean star fractured his shoulder blade in the crash in Cambridgeshire - and his McLaren F1 motor was almost a write-off.

The vehicle spun off the road, hit a tree and a road sign before catching fire.

Rowan went to hospital but his car was clearly on his mind as he set about consulting experts to have the supercar repaired.

One model was recently sold for £3.5m, so it's unsurprising he wanted it fixed - but the repair bill proved eye-watering.

It is three times higher than the most expensive repair claim ever recorded in Britain, but the actor is just happy to be back in the driving seat, despite his new £60,000 insurance premium!

He told Classic & Sports Car magazine getting behind the wheel again was like "putting a familiar sweater on".

Rowan added: "I'm not a collector. I don't like the toy cupboard syndrome that causes so many good cars to evaporate.

"It depresses me that they are hidden away like investment art, or gold ingots in a Swiss vault. The McLaren is just so usable, it is a crime not to use it. No gritted teeth, you just get in and drive."


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