Expert Advice: 9 DIY Jobs For Spring That Will Last The Whole Year (PICTURES)

9 DIY Jobs For Spring That’ll Last The Whole Year

Forget spring cleaning, now is the time of year to give your home a full health check. "By spring, we're really keen on renewal in some form or other," says Susanna Clarke, DIY consultant and former editor of DIY Week, Hardware & Garden Review, "it's an excellent time to harness this enthusiasm to get jobs done while the weather is still changeable as it means we don't have to do it in summer when we can be outside." The winter months can really take their toll on the fabric of a building but Susanna firmly believes that with a little TLC you can get your home spruced in time for summer. "Of course, it is possible to pay for them to be done, but it's not only cheaper to do it yourself, there's also something really rewarding about working so closely with your own property and learning its little quirks," she advises.

Inspired? Here are nine DIY jobs that Susanna recommends getting on with right now - and the best bit? Once done, you won't have to think about them for a whole year.

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