Video Of Toddler Denying He's Eaten Cake Sprinkles Goes Viral

HOW cute is this little chap? Even if he is telling porky-pies.

Three-year-old John Boarman made the most of his mummy being out of the room by tucking into some tempting tubes of cake sprinkles - and he would have got away with it if it wasn't for the pesky evidence being stuck all over his face.

His mum Erica challenged him about the spilled sprinkles and half empty containers on the kitchen counter, and then obviously could not resist sharing his protestations of innocence online.

John insists throughout the video clip that he has not eaten any of the cake decorations.

"No, and no, no sprinkles!" he says, with er, sprinkles round his face...

Ms Boarman told the Associated Press that John has now learnt his lesson.

"I told him afterwards that it's silly to lie, and he told me 'That's right mommy, it's silly to lie'."

Aw! Bit naughty, maybe, but SO sweet!