Women Want More S&M In The Bedroom (But Not Because Of '50 Shades Of Grey'), Survey Finds

Women Want 'A Little More Pain' In The Bedroom

Women are opening their minds to the world of S&M, a survey has revealed, as 71% of women confess they wouldn’t mind “a little more pain” to turn them on in the bedroom.

But with only one third of women polled having read E.L. James's '50 Shades Of Grey', it seems the sexual exploits of Christian Grey and Ana Steele may not be the only factor inspiring women between the sheets.

The Time Out magazine poll, which asked more than 10,000 people to share the truth about their sex lives, reveals that two-thirds (66%) of women watch porn and more than half of those want their sex lives to be more similar to what they see on screen.

“Erotica is big news and may explain why women in particular are curious about exploring the world of S&M," says Time Out features editor Caroline McGinn. "It is a sign of our times that people are looking to find new and exciting ways to spice up their sex lives.”

More sexual revelations from the Time Out survey

:: 23% of people polled have had sex at work, with nearly half (46%) of those surveyed having slept with someone they've worked with

:: A whopping three-quarters of men and women (76%) think they're better than average in bed

:: 59% of men and women have had sex due to boredom but 65% think dirty talk is a sure-fire way to get them in the mood

:: More than a third of men and women have slept with someone they met online (34%)

:: One third of straight women (32%) have had a same sex experience

:: 42% of men would cheat on their partner if they could get away with it, versus 22% of women

Time Out London invited readers to participate in a survey hosted on its website. The full results can be viewed online at timeout.com/london and in Time Out London magazine, released on Tuesday, February 12.