'The Grave' By Richard Woolford Wins Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival Competition (VIDEO)

WATCH: Brilliant Graveyard Sketch Wins Comedy Shorts Competition

It may be less than a minute long, but this wonderful animated sketch by comedian Richard Woolford has been crowned the winner of Comedy Shorts, the original video competition organised by Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival.

Woolford, who takes home a £5,000 prize, said: "Winning this competition really means a lot to me as I am originally from a stand-up comedy background, but had to stop when I got cancer.

"I find that doing things like writing and animation are an easy way for me to get back into doing comedy again, now that I have fully recovered."

"It was surprising, especially the idea of having a man buried with his hat," added head of the judging panel Richard Herring. "The internet gives us our own TV channel with billions of potential viewers. It's a fantastic medium to get your comedy out there."

There were 119 entries into the Comedy Shorts competition, and 'The Grave' was voted the unanimous winner by a panel which included Herring, 'The Inbetweeners' writer Iain Morris and CEO of Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival Geoff Rowe.

The People's Choice Award, meanwhile, was won by 'Modern Conversation', made by comedy sketch team Mixed Doubles:

Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival runs until 24 February - and as well as featuring live comedy events, it's also hosting an exclusive exhibition from top comedy photographer Andy Hollingworth. Check out some of the exhibition's portraits here:

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