Daryl Hannah Arrested Outside The White House During Keystone Oil Pipeline Protest

'Splash' star Daryl Hannah has been arrested again in Washington, D.C.

The actress and eco-activist was taking part in a protest, which involved being chained to the gates of the White House, against the construction of a highly controversial oil pipeline.

Hannah, who also starred in Ridley Scott's 1982 science fiction classic 'Blade Runner', joined a civil disobedience action in a bid to get U.S President Barack Obama to abandon the pipeline designed to transfer crude oil from Canada to refineries on America's Gulf Coast and move towards a cleaner energy source.

The arrest happened on Wednesday morning and she has now been released from custody, The Toronto Sun reports. It was the actress' third such arrest since she started protesting the pipeline.

Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

Daryl Hannah Arrested Outside The White House

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