Hire A Fake Facebook Girlfriend For £25 A Week Via Brazilian Website NamoroFake


A Brazilian company is "selling" fake Facebook girlfriends for £25 a week.

The tragic reality may well be your good self hunched over an ageing laptop, wearing prehistoric underpants and a vest stained with egg, but for a small fee everyone on Facebook will think you've got a hot, sexy Amazonian girlfriend. suggests hiring a fake girlfriend to make you appear more popular with other women, make ex-girlfriends feel jealous, and simply massage your self esteem.

So what better day to shell out for a virtual lover than Valentine's day?

There are various "packages" for available, but in the most basic form, you get a faux girlfriend's profile linked to you for a certain period of time and ten comments from "her" on your timeline.

According to the website, the women taking part get a 50% cut of the fees and the company clearly states it is not an escort agency. The profiles are real, as are the pictures, but the names used are not.

BBC technology reporter Dave Lee gave it a whirl - and paid for the pleasure of "Sophia's" virtual company for a week.

Good luck explaining the breakup when you run out of cash... and remember, fake girlfriends have been known to backfire - just ask Manti Teo.

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