TOSCARS 2013: 'Miserable Lesbians' Wins This Year's Top Award - Who Did It Beat?

Never mind the Oscars, this year's Toscars have just been handed out in Hollywood, and it was a close-run thing to the final statuette.

Now in its sixth year, these annual Awards, taking place in LA, recognise those films nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards in the most honourable fashion - almighty mickey-taking and parody of which Oscars host Billy Crystal would be proud.

This epic work took home the biggest gong of the night

Despite a good British showing from 'Skyfell (And I Can't Get Up)', this year's winner was 'Miserable Lesbians'.

Other nominees included 'Zamour', 'Link-In', 'Life on P1', 'Breasts of the Southland Wild', 'Stargo', 'Silver Whinings Payback', 'Half Past Twelve (At Night)' and 'Djangle (Unleashed)'.

Which of these films would you most want to see based on the title alone? Well, you will be able to. All the films above actually exist, created as spoofs following the Oscar nominations announcements. You can watch them here...

Other prizes include Best Whactor and Best Whactress. Here's a complete list of winners:

Marina Paganucci - Best toscar Film - Miserable Lesbians

Leah Allers --best Whactress - Miserable Lesbians

John Alexander - Best Whactor - Breasts of the Southland Wild

Sandro Monetti - Best Scribbler and best Director - Miserable Lesbians

Natasha Sill - Best Supporting Whactress - Miserable Lesbians

Michael Enright - Best Supporting Whactor - Miserable Lesbians

Best Tunes - Guy Ross and Tamara Douglas-Morris - Skyfell (and I can't get up)

Leah Allers - Best Threads - Miserable Lesbians

Last year's winner was 'The Con-Artist', and previously it rewarded 'The King Speak', demonstrating their powers of portency when it comes to spotting which way the Awards winds are blowing.

Eric Roberts, Hollywood veteran and one of this year's judges, spoke to HuffPostUK a fortnight ago, about what the Toscars represent...

"These things are going to be a little more grown up than the Razzies, they're really a case of 'Who are you kidding?' awards. Let me award you for trying to kid me. So there's a bit more sarcasm, a little more bitterness," he explained cheerfully.

And this stalwart of more than 250 films had plenty to say, too, about the day he decided not to worry about winning an Academy Award, AFTER he'd himself been nominated, PLUS which Hollywood star he thought should be taking home a lifetime achievement Toscar for serious lack of effort to acting.

'The King's Speak' is a previous winner of the Toscar... here's a snippet: