PICTURES: The Rise And Rise Of Jessica Chastain - Eight Easy Steps To Film Stardom

Letting everybody know she isn’t afraid to tread new ground, Jessica Chastain has turned horror leading lady in 'Mama' (released this Friday.)

When two girls resurface five years after they disappeared, their uncle’s girlfriend Annabel must play mother – until events make it clear the girls may not be alone.

Jessica Chastain, almost unrecognisable in 'Mama'

In this suspense-driven, jumpy thrill ride, Chastain’s performance helps elevate this above the standard of its genre.

So, it seems, once again, this fiery-haired, expressive actress has added another meaty role to her ever-growing portfolio, a collection which has made her a favourite with fans, and with her acting peers and directors, queuing up to work with the 25-year-old Californian.

But how did she do it so quickly? On the eve of this year's Oscars which find her one of the front runners for a Best Actress award, we track the actress through eight easy steps to stardom...

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