Sexy Teacher Laura Butler Strips Off To Be Curvy Kate Lingerie Model (PICTURES)

Morning Miss

Laura Butler is a school teacher with a rather unusual hobby - she a lingerie model in her spare time.

By day, Butler teaches A-level psychology and dance at a school in Birmingham . After school, she ditches the books and strips off to be the face of underwear company Curvy Kate.

Plucked from obscurity in 2008 as part of the firm's 'star in a bra' competition, Butler has the support of her friends, family and (unsurprisingly) her students.

"It was around this time five years ago that I began modelling for Curvy Kate. This was a few years previous to me wanting to be a teacher," she told the Birmingham Mail. "I had never wanted to teach so never thought modelling would get in the way. Fortunately, it hasn't - despite my students knowing."

Now she's encouraging others to follow in her footsteps and enter the competition to be crowned the next 'star in a bra'.

"I am not a shy girl, so confidence was never something I was lacking," she adds. "I think people should enter because everyone should do something extraordinary in their life and this ticks all the boxes. I should know as I have ticked them!"

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