22/02/2013 07:32 GMT

Russell Brand Challenges Harry Styles To 'Intergenerational Sex War'

They're both serial womanisers, so it's no wonder Russell Brand is worried about Harry Styles wading in on his turf with the ladies.

The funnyman has warned the One Direction singer off older women, saying if he continues, he'll be forced to declare an 'intergenerational sex war' with Harry.

During a webchat hosted on Heatworld.com to promote his upcoming Give It Up for Comic Relief benefit, he praised the boyband, saying: "I think One Direction…seem really, really lovely. I met them at the Olympics and they were, like, really good-looking and charming, and I really liked that one Harry.

"I don't think we're competing for the same audience femalewise, so...I think those lads are about 19 and 20 years old now, aren't they? They're quite young."

However, he soon changed his mind when he learnt of Harry's penchant for an older lady and his relationship with Caroline Flack.

"That's not on. There's got to be carefully defined parameters, otherwise there's gonna be an intergenerational sex war," he joked, adding, "I like the curly hair. I think he has quite nice lips."

Russell is currently single since splitting from wife Katy Perry in 2011, and was recently linked to Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.


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