26/02/2013 07:56 GMT

Amy Childs Breaks Spray Tanning World Record (PICS)

While the rest of the 'TOWIE' lot get back to work filming the new series, it's good to see that ex cast member Amy Childs is keeping herself busy by trying to break fake tan records.

The tangoed star attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous spray tans in one location.

amy childs

Amy got to work with her tanning gun as she sprayed some 300 people at the Professional Beauty trade event held at London's ExCel centre on Monday.

amy childs

Her victims willing participants looked TOWIE-tastic as their pale skin was given an orange glow by the beautician.

amy childs

And sure enough Amy managed to break the world record as Professional Beauty later tweeted: "Congratulations @MissAmyChilds and everyone involved for achieving the UK Record for most simultaneous spray tans in one location #win."

Now, let it never be said again that Amy doesn't have any discernible talent, OK?


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