Tom Maynard Inquest: English Cricket To Up Drug Testing

Testing for recreational drugs in cricket will be increased after the findings from the Tom Maynard inquest revealed the late Surrey all-rounder was a cocaine user.

A hair sample confirmed Maynard had been taking cocaine for three months up to his death in June last year, when he was was killed by a live rail before a District Line train hit him on 18 June last year.

Toxicology tests on his body showed a high level of alcohol plus ecstasy, and he had taken cocaine "within the last day or so" before he died.

That Maynard's class A drug use over three months went unnoticed suggests a lax drug testing policy in English cricket.

And the Professional Cricketers' Association (PCA) said in a statement: "The PCA's 'Mind Matters' tutorials, launched in 2012, educate players on issues ranging from alcohol and drugs to anxiety and depression.

"These issues represent a major focus for the association and its Personal Development and Welfare team in the coming year.

"Cricket has a comprehensive anti-doping programme, which has been in place for a number of years.

Maynard was a cocaine and ecstasy user

"Whilst the focus of this programme is primarily on performance-enhancing drugs, it does include in-competition testing for recreational drugs.

"The very rare incidence of positive results suggests that cricket has no more of a problem in this regard than society as a whole.

"The PCA is supporting the ECB in its examination of the feasibility of out-of-competition testing for recreational drugs.

"It confirms its support for such an initiative as long as it is linked to appropriate arrangements for treatment and rehabilitation in the event of a positive test."

PCA chief executive Angus Porter added: "We, along with Surrey CCC, Glamorgan CCC and the ECB have supported everyone impacted both directly and indirectly by Tom's death, collectively with bereavement counselling, and individually where necessary.

"Amongst the headlines which will inevitably be generated by the inquest findings, consideration must now be given to the Maynard family who are experiencing a further wave of tragedy."