Ronaldinho Victim Of Horrific Diego Braghieri Tackle (VIDEO)

There are some tackles in football that are vomit-inducing. Ewald Lienen's sickening open wound after Norbert Siegmann's challenge, Harald Schumacher poleaxing Patrick Battiston, Martin Taylor's clumsy leg-break on Eduardo da Silva, Gilles Binya on Scott Brown... And Diego Braghieri's Ronaldinho is the latest to enter the 'worst tackles' pantheon.

With Arsenal 5-2 down to Atletico Mineiro in the Copa Libertadores, Braghieri took out his frustration on Ronaldinho with an abhorrent tackle to concede a penalty. Braghieri's horrific lunge at Ronaldinho somehow didn't leave the Brazilian with a broken leg.

The other villain of the piece is myopic referee Martin Vazquez, who did not even book Braghieri, let alone red card him.

Ronaldinho recovered and took the resultant spot-kick, only to see his effort canon off the crossbar.

Commendably, he shook hands with Braghieri at full-time.